Astrodunia officially registered as MAA ASTRODUNIYA PRIVATE LIMITED, incorporated in the year 2005 provides
masses with various top priority and quality astrological reports, analysis, services and tips for trading
in the financial segment such as stock market and commodity market across the globe. The firm also has
experience as a stock and commodity broker in the year 2006-2010.

About the Director
Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal is the Director of MAA ASTRO DUNIYA PRIVATE LIMITED. He is a highly experienced astrologer, stock & commodity broker and a very well experienced future and options trader. He was the person who predicted the two down circuits in Indian stock market in 2008.
Currently, the firm has clients related to stock and commodity market in more than 10 countries covering a
major part of the globe (continents included: Asia, South America, Europe, UAE).

The astrology based clientele of the firm has several reputed people who are at the top of several companies,
banks and corporate. The firm is also famous for predicting the two down circuits in the Indian Stock Market
in the year 2008 (January). This was advertised on 5th January 2008 in Nai Duniya, Dainik Bhaskar, Mid Day.

The accuracy of tips provided by has been about 92%.

We provide various services to our clients including:

  • Zodiac Analysis
  • Horoscope
  • Astro Products
  • Personalized Predictions
  • Instant Predictions
  • Life Long Analysis
  • Personalized Reports
  • Analysis for Commosdity Market
  • Analysis for Stock Market
  • Signature Analysis