Get Your Signature Analysis

After several requests from clients across the globe, Astrodunia introduces it’s latest service in favor of
international clients / traders in commodity market. Today, we are introducing membership for recommendations
in COMEX for international clients. The prices for same are as follows:-

  • Your nature
  • Your behavior
  • All life predictions with 3 questions.


Your signature represents the inner you. When you are about to sign, you will mentally visualize the name
in a particular way whose impression is stored in your brain. Your fingers and hand movement then stimulates
the nerves of the brain in such a way that the signature is stored in your sub conscious. This is the reason
most of the people will never be willing to change their signature. Hence, good or bad strokes in your
signature will put you into good or bad situations. First, let us analyze to know which qualities in the
signature are good and which are bad. After that, we can understand how to put a signature in a better way
to attract luck.

Signature Analysis is another advantage at ASTRODUNIA which endeavours you to trace the past, present
and future. Our Experts do an exhaustive analysis of your signature based on several methods of vedic
& horary astrology. This exhaustive report will clear your doubts as well and best advices will be given
(if neccessary) for remedies, gem-stones, etc.

One Signature Analysis charge will be for Rs. 4,000 or $100