Analysis for Commodity Market in 2012

The year of 2012 is full of heavy volatility. Till march, you’ll observe HIGHLY BULLISH trend in gold and Silver. But SHARP FALL MAY COME in APRIL. From May, gold will be volatile with bullish trend.
Before Deepawali, in October, you will observe highly bearish trend. From November to December, you will see a bit of bullish trend. But there will be highly bearish trend in silver in April. From May, Silver starts to become strong. In end of 2012, Gold and Silver will be in bullish trend.


Highlights for Commodity Market for 2012

  • TILL March 2012, Gold will cross Rs. 28500-29000 (1800 $).And there is a chance of Silver to stand
    at the height of 60,000 (38-42 USD).
  • By March, Gold will cross Rs. 28500-29000 (1800 $).And there is a chance of Silver to stand at the
    height of 60,000 (38-42 USD).
  • COPPER:Copper can touch 424-440 in March 2012.
  • CRUDE OIL: Crude Oil can touch 114-124 $ in March 2012. Crude oil can also touch a low of 80-90$ in
    2012.(UP-DATE 13.06 HRS. 31 DEC. 2012)

Analysis for Stock MARKET IN 2012

Astrological indications show that the year 2012 is really volatile for the stock market but the market
will touch new heights. In January, market will be bullish with volatility and in the third week of the
month, you will observe bearish trend. In first 15 days of February, market will be bullish and rest of
month will be some bearish. In April, market will be volatile. First and second week will be
bullish. And the rest 2 weeks will be bearish. In the last week of April, market will be again bullish.
Overall, April will be a bullish month. In bearish market, investors can gain huge returns on investment.
The month of May is also volatile with an overall bullish trend.

Highlights for Stock Market for 2012
  • Sensex and Nifty can cross 23,000 and 6300 respectively.
  • From 5 th March till end of the month, it will be highly bullish. Investors can fetch good profit in
    this month.
  • In June, investors should be alert. There will be a SHARP FALL mainly after first week of June till
    end of the month.
  • You should take note of this. In the month of June, nifty will come down by 400-500 points.
  • In August, HEAVY FALL will be observed. Investors have to be alert.
  • In September, 1st half is bullish and 2nd half is bearish.
  • With October, era of bullish trend begins, which will go with several ups and downs till December.